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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a visa is required to enter a specific country?
Check the Visa requirements section on the EDS web page or call EDS for assistance. Alternatively, you can check with the specific country's consulate or embassy web site.
How do I choose which type of visa I need?
Although EDS has tried to make the web site as informative as possible, it is a dynamic and growing project. If you are having difficulty deciding what your travel needs are, EDS is here to help you. In most cases an email or telephone call is all it takes to get a clearer understanding of what is required and the necessary steps to complete the process.
How do I obtain an INVITATION to submit with my visa application?
When an invitation is required, EDS can, in most cases, obtain the invitation for you from the government agency responsible for issuing such invitations. Each country has its own set of laws governing any required invitations. EDS has the experience and necessary contacts to order the appropriate invitation document for your specific needs.
Can EDS guarantee that my travel documents will arrive on time for my trip departure?
EDS strives to meet the traveler's deadline. However, there are no guarantees on obtaining documents from the agencies of the foreign governments. We will deliver the application to the embassy or consulate in a timely manner as promised and pick up the finished documents when completed. We will also promptly transfer the document package to the express shipper of your choice but cannot guarantee delivery once the package is out of our hands. In most cases we will discuss, with you, the timeline for obtaining your documents and suggest, based on our experience, the most efficient and timely process to meet your requirements.
How is my cost for services determined?
There are several fees associated with obtaining visa or passport services. The government fees are determined by the individual country's government and are passed on to you. EDS charges a service fee that is based on the service the client desires. There are several add-on services that may be incurred such as copying and money order fees. EDS itemizes these charges on the customer's receipts.
What are the methods of payment?
EDS accepts credit cards, business or personal checks, and money orders. Since the government fees must be paid at the time of visa application submission, personal checks must clear the bank prior to application submission. There is an approximate 3% credit card surcharge for the govt. fee part of the visa or passport process.
When will my credit card be charged?
Credit cards are usually charged within one day of submission of the visa application to the embassy. Embassies require money orders with each application. EDS can purchase the money order for you. If a travel visa application is denied by the consulate, there is usually no refund of the government fee.
What is the best method to ship my passport and visa?
EDS recommends using a traceable overnight shipper. If you do not select a shipper, EDS generally uses Federal Express Next Day service.

I am living in the United States but have a Russian Passport. I need to renew my passport. Can EDS help me to do this?

EDS can act as your agent for a number of Russian passport issues. In addition, we can help you attain several other legal documents that you might need from time to time. Please call with specific needs.

What can I do if I have questions regarding the service application, visa application, or other issues?

Email or call! We are here to help you!