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If you are living overseas, you can apply for your British passport at most British Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions.
EDS can obtain passport services for you on your behalf if needed.

Due to UNITED KINGDOM Government technical difficulties, processing of UK passports will exceed 10 days.


  1. Please print and complete two (2) copies of the EDS Letter of Authorization

    EDS Letter of Authorization UK Embassy

    NOTE: Important information regarding children:
    If applying for children under 16 years old, please use the Authorization Letter below. EACH PARENT MUST COMPLETE AND SIGN A LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION FORM.

    EDS Letter of Authorization UK Embassy Under 16

  2. Send EDS your old passport (if renewing). The expired passport will be cancelled and returned to you with your new passport.
  3. Application Form - Complete the application form carefully. Read the entire application before you start completing the form. Please note that the application for a new or renewal passport is the same.

    We have provided guidance notes to help you to complete your application.

    Please select the appropriate application form from the list below:

    Please note: If you have lost your passport and are applying for a new one you must also complete and sign Form LS01. You must complete the form as fully as possible, otherwise it could result in the form being returned to you. Applicants should send a Police Report and photo identification such as a driver's license, along with the completed Lost/Stolen Passport Notification Form.

  4. Flight Itinerary is required.
  5. Two (2) identical passport size color photographs (2" x 2" with white background) have to be countersigned on the back. Digital and non-passport photographs are not acceptable. The photograph standards required for biometric passports are higher than those needed for earlier types of passports. If the photograph does not meet the standards required your complete application will be returned to you at your expense. This could cause a long delay in processing your application.

    NOTE: As of July 1, 2008 the Embassy of Britain can no longer accept a photo of you smiling. Please refer to the following passport photo guide:

    Passport photographs UK

  6. Proof of Residency - A photocopy of your Green Card (front and back) or US visa.
  7. If you have changed your name since your last passport was issued, the Embassy will require additional documents: a certified marriage certificate or certified court decree.

Government Fees - The British Embassy fees apply to applications to replace an expired passport, applications for a first time passport, to replace a passport of restricted validity, issuing a new passport with amended personal details (e.g. a change of name after marriage) and replacing a passport which has been lost or stolen.

Adults Over the Age of 16: 32 Pages -- $244.00
Adults Over the Age of 16: 48 Pages -- $288.00
Children Age 16 or Under: 32 Pages -- $167.00

EDS Service Fees
14 working days - $225.00 Rush
15+ working days - $150.00 Standard

Shipping costs are additional.

We cannot guarantee expedited service from the British consulate. However EDS will make every effort to secure your passport as quickly as possible to meet your timetable. If you are departing soon, we will do our best to secure a fast turnaround. Unfortunately, we cannot assure you the Embassy will be able to respond to your request, although when valid proof of near departure is submitted with the application the consulate usually responds to accomodate.