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Business - Purpose of travel is for commercial meetings, discussions, negotiations, and similar activities for a limited period of time. Usually insufficient for travelers who will undertake work or temporary work assignments.
Conference - Travel for the purpose of attending a conference or convention.

Crew - For a member of a scheduled crew.
Diplomatic - For travel by official diplomatic individuals.
Home-stay (private visa) - Visit and stay with friends or relatives who are citizens of the country you are visiting.
Other - Please Call
Tourist - visiting entirely for touristic purposes or to visit friends and family for a limited period of time.
Transit - travel through a country for a short time period (such as with an airline layover), while on their way to their ultimate destination.
Work - a variety of documents generally issued by the destination's consulate that gives you a strictly limited right of employment in a specific country.
Student - visit a country to study for a limited period of time. Emigra, Inc. can assist with this visa.